What Is “NORMAL”

The Awakening

As I sit here going through the blog posts I have written, I had an epiphany I would like to share with you. I believe this could be the most important blog I will write.  So if you are truly interested in creating your future as you see it should be…

Grab a latte or an ice tea or whatever your favorite drink is, have a seat in your most comfy chair, settle in for a serious preponderance of an extreme thought-provoking and potentially life-changing conversation.

The Way Things Are Done “Normally

Honestly, I believe it’s not our fault we turn out the way we do. With a skill set designed to create a mundane and complicated life, filled with strife and struggle – who can blame the student. We are a result of the life lessons we are taught before we have a choice.

Our thought processes are formed based on what information we are given or shown from our caretakers. They do it this way because it is how they were taught.

We are introduced to the styles of clothing we wear, what colors we wear, what we eat and what we believe about life.   – We are given our food – our clothes – our toys. Even our friends as we grow are dictated by where we live, who our parents know and hang out with, fellow employees/acquaintances, relatives, and neighbors. The children of our parents’ friends become our friends because they are who we are exposed to.

As humans, we need this initial exposure and teaching.  We are not like animals who are born and instinctively know how to hunt for food.

There does come a point when we have free will and the right to make choices for our own lives. That day is today. Today we move away from normal. Today we begin to build OUR dreams. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives! Today is a day of discovery when we realize that we are infinite, a child of the universe, capable of anything we apply our selves to with diligence and dedication.

I digress.


In search of all things normal, I came up with some interesting phrases.  What I found was an unfortunate description of how people all over the world are molded from birth.

I am not going to post a bunch of links to support my findings. You can do the research yourself, which I highly recommend anyway. We tend to believe lots of information posted throughout the World Wide Web without doing any research which is a bad habit as it is simply taking information for granted without any verification. So, please – verify.

I researched three dictionaries from online sources. They were Wiki/Wiki thesaurus/ and a British dictionary.

Following are a list of words used to describe ‘normal’:

Noun: conforming to the standard or common type, usual, the average or mean, the standard or type.

Thesaurus: natural, orderly, ordinary, traditional, typical, average, commonplace, general, run-of-the-mill, unexceptional.

Psychological definition: free from mental disorder

Is This Where You Want To Be?

I did that research a long time ago and searched it again for the sake of this post. Definitions change every day it seems.

For the longest time, I believed that being considered ‘normal’ was a good thing. It was then, over twenty years ago, I decided that being ‘normal’ was not a category I wanted to belong in.  In fact, I decided that if I am going to belong in any category,  I wanted it to be the ‘me’ category, my determination, my success, my joy, my creation, my life.

I think the part of ‘normal’ that bothered me the most was ‘conforming to the standard or common type‘. Thinking about what that meant and how that affected my life, I woke up.

Not only did I not want to be ‘normal’, I did not want to be any of the other things ‘normal’ represented such as ‘average, commonplace, regular, and ordinary’.

If I have been told by 10 people consistently for years that I am normal, I will believe it. Everyone will believe it. First is the process of desensitization where we become familiar with whatever information is being presented to us. Secondly, is the process of acceptance where we believe what we are being told simply because we are hearing it everywhere.  Thirdly, is acceptance.  This is also the process of propoganda which we are constanly being barraged with from the media and political sources to keep us in the dark or sway us in a particular direction. Along with acceptance comes conformity. This is where we believe what we are told and we live our lives accordingly. We live our lives being or working toward being ‘normal’.

Too Many People Alone In A Crowd

After considering the level of happiness being achieved by many folks in the struggle to live a normal life, myself included – it seemed to me that it is a way of holding people back. Consider this; if we are raised to believe that being normal is a rightous and good way to be, when we can look at our lives and confirm that we are in fact normal, we can relaxe and simply continue doing what we are doing because we have arrived, we have succeeded, we are right where we are suppose to be – ‘Normal’.

Consider this. If there is a population of 325 million people in the United States and of those people 25 million are rich, either through inheritance or hard work, that means that the other 300 million must be normal. Normal described as ‘typical’ could represent 300 million Americans as overworked and underpaid.

These two groups of people – 25 Milllion People and 300 million people are filled with normal people. However, what is normal for one group of people may not be normal for another group of people. For instance, a wealthy family may get up in the morning and sit at a breakfast table and have a chef or other servants prepare and serve their meal.  For some wealthy folk – that is normal.

A poverty stricken group of people may wake up in the morning, brush the snow off their cardboard cave on some back street, pull themselves out into the cold and wander down the street to the soup kitchen where they might be able to grab a hot cup of coffee and maybe something to eat. Within a homeless group, this is normal/typical.

So, honestly and I mean lets be real here. Is there such a thing as normal? Do we live our lives with blinders on to the truth about life?

I do not believe there is such a thing as ‘normal’. How can one word be used to describe such an diversely unrelated group of people and/or circumstances?

But I digress.

I decided that I would decide who and what I am for myself.  This is an important step for anyone to succeed in any area of life. No one can move forward beyond the norm unless you are willing to recreate yourself. Become greater than the ‘norm’. Become greater than ‘average’. Become more than ‘common’.

It is simple! We all have been told to comply, maintain, be productive, go with the flo, don’t make waves, don’t stand out, don’t draw attention. I do not see any success in this process. Bill Gates is certainly not ‘normal‘. He was once just a child who’s parents jumped for joy when he went pee-pee in the toilet.

He went against the ‘normal’ rules and stood out. When he was hanging out in garages, building his first computer, do you think folks looked at him and said “that is just great! Billy is going to be a multi-millionaire and create one of the worlds categorically first and most profound pieces of technology that will be in nearly every persons home in the civilized world.” Or do you think they said “That kid hangs out in the garage all the time talking about some cockamanie story about cyberspace. He is a bit off his rocker?” I choose the latter of the two.

“Well, Look at him now.  He is worth more money than God – figuratively speaking. Look at anyone who is extremely successful – aside from those born with a silver spoon in their mouth as they don’t count, they are groomed to be successful on levels most people work their butts off to obtain and most times never get there. Not to mention they have the financial resources to pay others to make them successful and it is mostly what they do. Those that are very successful have walked a different path, thought outside the box and mostly work for themselves – not other people.

My point is in order for us to not be ‘normal’, we must believe in ourselves, believe that we are not like everyone else – not like ANYONE ELSE.  We must see ourselves as an individual capable of thinking for ourselves and making decisions based on what we want for our lives, not what someone else wants for us or from us.

What ‘Normal’ Has Done To My Attitude

I realize this blog must sound like a big sell. And that is partially correct. There is a reason for this explanation of normal. I am an online marketer. With the internet being such a prominent part of everyone’s life – and it is only becoming more entwined in our lives daily – it only makes sense to be a part of it.

When I think of who I want to read this article, a normal person does not come to mind. This is not for normal people. It is for people who know they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. For those who would not allow outside influences to determine their level of success. I want someone to read this, sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and work it so one day, not so long down the road, I will get an email or a message or a comment on a post I write saying that making the choice to join WA has changed their life for the better in ways they couldn’t have imagined upon initially joining. That is absolutely the probablity for those who make a committment to succeed in Wealthy Affiliate. NO LIE! NO BS! Bottom line is that level of success is completely possible for anyone. Period!

Eventually, if you are not tightly entwined with the internet, you will be left behind as the internet is not going to disappear one day. It is here to stay and everything is moving to the internet.

Now you can be on the internet on your cell phone. Cell phone – now there is a whole other story! The internet is everywhere. It is accessible from just about anywhere. Today, there are people doing business with someone in China while sipping coffee with friends at Starbucks. There are people gaming with people across the world in games like World of Warcraft and Gears of War, The Sims and Fallout Las Vegas. It truly is the internet of all things.

I can order pizza for delivery on the internet – and do. I can do pretty much anything on the internet. We can get information on any subject we can think of. We work on the web, buy on the web, sell on the web, keep in touch, blog, learn, game and so much more. It is the internet of all things.

What Being Normal Doesn’t Look Like

I am an Affiliate for a training program called ‘Wealthy Affiliate’. When I began with WA, it was to create my own prosperity, to determine my own hours and increase my overall worth so I could be more in control of all aspects of my life.

However, I must admit that my presence here on the internet and my experience with Wealthy Affiliate, my reasons for doing this have become so much more. My business in WA IS to continue to create my own personal wealth and prosperity and live the life I want to live. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned that there are so many people out there searching for something better.

I am not saying that this is right for everyone. Nothing is right for everyone. What I am saying is if there is a void, something missing, if you feel you are living your life to make a paycheck and at the end of the day, missing out on living because you are working so long and hard to just pay the bills, this is an option. This is a way for you to change your stars.  Anyone can do it. And, honestly – I would absolutely love to see everyone live the life they want and achieve their dreams. Afterall, isnt’t that the whole purpose for life?

I am going to share some very personal stuff here. You see, I come from a very dysfunctional family background as I am sure so many of us do. Both Parents were alcoholics and abusive. I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse which can seriously alter negatively one’s self-image.  So, learning to grow away from the negativity and self-image I grew up with was a battle.

Not only did I consider myself all those terms used to describe ‘normal’, I considered myself much less than that. Unlovable and unworthy are two places I battled to rise from.

Today, I have completed my Bachelors Degree as well as my Master’s Degree. Something twenty years ago I could not have seen as even a consideration, let alone an achievement. I have come a long way, baby!

That is what discovering the definition of normal did for me. It was as simple as making the decision to follow MY dream, MY choices. I decided that as long as I had breath and a brain, I could work diligently to ‘change my stars’ (from ‘A Knights Tale’ starring Keith Ledger).

I tell you now, it was no easy task to complete my education.  I dropped out of school while in the 7th grade. Without any more education, I received my GED without any formal classes and went straight to college. I had no math beyond fractions or any of the S.T.E.M. courses beyond that level.  I assure you, the GED did not come close to prepare me for college some 25 years later.

I tell you this as an example of the proof that anyone can change their stars. All you have to do is decide to do it and follow through. I am not saying it is easy. All success is earned through hard work. This kind of work is working smarter – not harder!

Normal has changed my attitude towards most things in my life. I would rather reap the fruits of my hard work then to have some company reap the fruits of my hard work while I struggle from paycheck to paycheck. Just makes sense to me.

One Step at a Time

Don’t Except NORMAL

Baby steps. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time. That is how it gets done.

This is the part where I tell you to join Wealthy Affiliate. So consider yourself told.

I am however, going to take this one step further. Yes, I want you to join Wealthy Affiliate. If you are here, reading this blog, you are interested in becoming an online marketer on some level. So with that, I can say that Wealthy Affiliate IS the best deal on the internet to get you where you want to be – hands down!

I would like you to read the review of Wealthy Affiliate first though. After you see what it is and what it has to offer, you will no doubt see the beauty in this program. And you can always leave me a message that I will be glad to respond to.

I am going to take this one step further though. Yes, I would like you to join me. I would like for you to think about all the things I have said here more. Ponder this discussion. Look at your life. Figure out if there is anything you could do to make your life better, your outlook better, your situation better through thinking outside the box and moving away from ‘normal’.

Regardless of whether you join Wealthy Affiliate or not, I hope the information on this website gives you much to think about, information you can apply to your life.  Mostly, I hope you find what you are looking for and that it brings joy, good health, and prosperity for you and those you love and care for.

Coming from the place in life I came from, and knowing that the world has a way of keeping us ‘little folk’ down, I want this site to inspire everyone that comes here. I want it to be a moving forward point for growth, for happiness and for success.

So, on that note, I will bid you well.  Please, have a look around. I hope you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate if you are looking to become a success on the internet. It is certainly the right tools to get you there. If you choose to not join, I hope you become a success at whatever you decide to do.

Check it out here and please, leave me a note about your visit, suggestions, inspirations or just to say hi.







An Example of How It Is Done

I have talked a ton about Wealthy Affiliate and how wonderful it is.  I have explained the cost effectiveness of the program and how you simply can not beat it any where on the internet. I have talked about all the wonderful tools you have access to to as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

What I have not talked about specifically is the set of tools and how it might look while working towards your goal. So, in this blog, I am going to do just that.  The following is an actual description of how it would look on your first day in Wealthy Affiliate. Here goes!

I am logged in and arrive at my home page. There is a dashboard that has a list of places I can go to.  There is training for creating a Wealthy Affiliate site and Training for creating a site in a niche I choose. So, for the sake of this blog, I click on the Affiliate Bootcamp link which is for the Wealthy Affiliate training and my first page of training opens up and I begin reading.

The first page is an quick explanation of what it is with a simple breakdown of the lessons in this first section. There are 10 lessons, each with a set of lessons inside.

The first thing I notices was the comment field. There are over 9,000 comments right now on this page. I quickly realize I am not alone in this.

Lesson 1 is broken down into 10 lessons and I quickly notice that lesson 3 is building the website. Wow! This is going to move quickly. I begin to get excited at the prospect of being in business for myself and it is the first time it feels real. I even get a little nervous.

A Quick description of benefits and course outcome is presented:

1. Understand the WA Affiliate Program Opportunity
2. How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals
3. Learn How You Can Meet Us in Vegas next year!
4. How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn
5. Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain
6. Creating a Massively Successful WA Affiliate Campaign
I Have My Coffee And My Computer
I am ready to begin the journey. I dig right in. I begin reading and as I read and do the lesson, I realize there is a ton of information here to be absorbed and this is serious stuff. Not sure I understand all of what is being explained. One thing I can tell you now is to follow the lessons. Even if you do not understand completely what is being explained, you will. You will be repeating things and going over stuff and doing things in different ways and believe me the lessons are set up so you pick up the information in the way it needs to be applied and as you continue through all the lessons, you WILL  pick up the information and it WILL become a part of your knowledge base. 
You work your way through and you are at the lesson you probably have been waiting for… building the website. You get to that page where you have to choose your theme for your site and your head explodes. The choices.  How do I choose what to do? This is where I started asking the most questions. What do I need to know about the themes to build a successful website.
I have changed my theme three times. So don’t worry about it too much. Remember you have a lot to learn and you WILL get there.
As you continue on, you will learn about the security of your website. How to make a post and a page and what the difference is.  You will create a privacy policy page. You will learn how to put images on your site, create menu’s, what to put in those menu’s, how to organize the menu’s and where you put the menu’s on your website.
Lessons progress and you have a website on line… you are Published to the internet of all things. Now you learn about search engines and how important they are to the success of your business.  You also will learn how to use the search engines to benefit your site.  You will learn how to get your site and posts ranked with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing among others. You will learn how important getting ranked is to the success of your business and how to create posts that will get you ranked well.
I know all this stuff I have talked about so far is really foreign to you. Trust me, it will become second nature and in just a few short weeks, you will begin to understand this clearly and you will look back at the first time you signed into Wealthy Affiliate and realize how far you have come in such a short period of time. You really should pat yourself on the back because if you have stuck with it, committed to building this business for yourself and your loved ones, you are now in an a position for success to be the only option. The only thing that will stop you from succeeding now is you!
Remember, success does not happen over night. If you have checked into Wealthy Affiliate, you have learned that if you sign up for this, on an annual basis, (first, you will have saved yourself a TON of money), you can not build a successful business for 350ish dollars a year anywhere except right here in Wealthy Affiliate. Some people catch on really quick and are off and running in a few months, some take a little longer, some a year and some take two maybe more…. But where can you create a successful business for 350ish dollars a YEAR? All the tools will continue to be there for you every day, every night, every week, all the time.  There will always be someone to ask your question who will respond and/or direct you to the appropriate place to resolve your problem, whatever it is. You will never be alone.
How awesome is that?!
I will be here for you! My handle in Wealthy Affiliate is Dannyb1 and you can find me here.

Every lesson you complete will advance your knowledge and your skills. I often look back at the beginning and am amazed at what I have achieved, how much I have learned, how much I have created and how it is changing my life.
I am grateful for many things. I am grateful that I was willing to step outside my comfort zone and take a chance on me. Every successful person has one thing in common… more I am sure, but this one thing… They believe in themselves. Maybe not completely even. Enough to take that initial step and start moving in that direction. As you move forward, your successes will show you that you CAN learn to be successful… that you are capable of creating something wonderful for your life, that you CAN take back your life… that you CAN gain control over your time and your destiny.
I know it all sounds so hyped up. I thought it was not within reach for me. I grabbed this like holding on to a rope for dear life.  I tied a knot in the end and gave it my best shot.  I am still here. I am not rich on this day. I do have more control over my life.  I can take time if I need it. I don’t have to worry about someone else controlling my life and my dreams. Do I work? Yes, I do. I work for me.  I work for my dreams ~ not someone else’s. The money I make is mine. I am enjoying the journey again.
I realize this is not an explicit explanation of Wealthy Affiliate, but it is a real one. Am I trying to bring you into this training program? Yes, I am. Do I believe it can change your life? Yes, I do. Why? Because it has changed mine and if it can change mine, it can certainly change yours.
It is not going to happen over night. You still have to work. You might even have to work harder for a while. I know you can’t just quit your job and expect this to give you that paycheck that will pay all the bills without any down time. It won’t. However, if you stick with it, and follow the lessons, it will more than replace that paycheck. It will allow you the freedom to take control of your life, your time, spend more time doing what you love, time with your family, traveling, the things that make you happy and make your life one you can live with and be happy.  That is worth the work to get there.
Check out the review of Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself what the training and community have to offer, then sign up for free and look around, go through the first lesson, make your own choice.  I am sure you will see how amazing this truly is. Then get serious, commit to the training and to your future.  I will be here along with thousands of others creating our dreams/ living our dreams/ and ready to help you every step of the way!!!

What Holds YOU Back?


No sell here.  Just a conversation about you and me.

I know in my travels throughout the internet, it seems like every single thing is a sale, or a promotion.  Buy this. Buy that. Sales. Opportunities to get rich or meditate yourself to complete incredible health.

This is probably no different for you. So, I want to take a minute to explain a few things to you about the Wealthy Affiliate program and why I think it works so well. Also, why I believe there is no other program that offers what Wealthy Affiliate offers.  What makes it worth while and why it is where ~ I feel ~ anyone marketing on the internet, that wants to be in control of how that happens and be successful ought to be.

You see, I don’t believe there is anyone out there that doesn’t want to be in control of their lives.  People have family, friends, companions, and places they want to be able to spend time with and see.

In all my years in this world, the one thing I have learned is that we are all disposable. There is always someone in the background ready to pick up where we leave off. Nobody’s job is completely secure. You hear all the time about so-and-so who worked for this company for 30 or so years and went in to work one day and were let go for whatever reason.  Maybe the company was down sizing or losing money, or simply were replacing folks with young blood. 

I have even heard of companies that are having their long time employees training their replacements.

This is not made up stuff.  It is real and happening everywhere.  We are an ID number and we produce and make companies successful.  Without us, they fold. Even with that, we are just a number and as easily replaceable as a pair of old socks. Sad ~ but true.

These white-water rafters look like they are having fun.  I agree. I am in upstate NY visiting family and friends. Today, I am writing this blog. It is raining out and a stay in kind of day. So, I have chosen to work some. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Most of my friends and family will be at their regular jobs. The sun will be out and myself and a friend are going kayaking here in the Adirondacks.  I will probably take some pictures and use them on my website later.  Even playing, I can work or work while I play and the work IS play.

Right now, I am downloading a game onto my PC to play later when it rains again and I don’t want to work. I choose my work hours. I choose how long I will work. I like that freedom. Don’t get me wrong… I work!

I have learned and am learning so much about marketing on the internet, I have two businesses on line that I’ve created through Wealthy Affiliate and there will be more.  I’m putting together a blueprint for an actual storefront and am excited about that!

Every tool I could possible need is available to me here in Wealthy Affiliate. I pay one fee, once a year and it is minimal. Can you maintain a business for $350.00 a year. I can and I am doing exactly that. Right now I have three domains. All of them are a work in progress as I work on them a little four or five times a week.

I never need to wash my hands after working. I do not have to drive to work or from work.  I can work in my living room or in another state in someone else’s living room.  I can work at Starbucks. I can work anywhere off line and then go on line later and apply what I have created.

I know this is long winded. I wanted to show you that I am a real person here behind this keyboard. You can be that person behind a keyboard too. For the cost of dinner out once a month, you can have access to every tool you could possibly need to become successful doing any kind of business on the internet.

I guess I would like it if every one took back their time and their power and became successful in their own right. There is always going to to be those that never quite believe in their true potential and discard this sort of thing right away. There is a road less traveled out there and it is an amazing road if you dare to achieve your dreams and aspire for something more than a 40 – 60 hour work week for someone who will discard you in a minute if it will increase their bottom line.

Check it out.  You can do it for free. In fact, you could do it and never have to pay for it. For your success and your ability to create your own freedoms, check us out.  You won’t be sorry you did.  Here is to your future. Here is to the adventure of a life time on the road less traveled!

One last thing, feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or check out some of the other posts on this sight.  There is a wealth of information available for you to make a sound decision to come on board with us. You won’t be sorry you did.  To your success!


You Want to Work Online


Looking for the opportunity you hope will change your life?

I have often tried to figure out how that scenario would play it. I have created dream lists and painted pictures of what my home would look like once my dream was achieved.  I have imagined what kind of little red sport car I would be driving. Maybe I would be riding in the back seat and having someone drive for me.  Big Dreams!!! Big imagination. Big failure. It took me some time to realize one very important truth – Dreams don’t come true unless you create them and that means hard work.

The First Mistake

I believe there is a child in each of us who continues to challenge our reality. It pops its head up every now and again. It is that part of us that loves DC Comic movies. Every Halloween it comes out to play – in the costume we choose to give out candy in or the way we feel when we see others having fun while we work hard to pay bills and put food on the table. I call this inner child ‘HIN’.  Sounds Asian, huh. It’s not. It’s an acronym for ‘have it now’. We all have one whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

Our first mistake in that search to find the path to our eventual success is letting that inner child guide us. We want to be able to go to work in our pj’s or while sitting by the pool.  We want to take that vacation and know we are making a ton of money while walking through the surf on some lavish resort beach.  We want to be where ever we want to be when ever we want to be there. 

The internet has created the false dream. It has created the persona of instant gratification. I want it now! And in some instances, you CAN get it NOW. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to work for us in the area of creating our personal wealth.

It’s Time For A Birthday

The only way we are going to succeed is to have a few birthdays.  So, celebrate and blow out the candles. It’s time to start thinking as the grown ups think. There is no easy way to the end goal. No matter what our goal is, we are going to have to learn, practice, and apply those lessons over and over again.  Each time we take a step, it will be better than the last step. Every time we complete a task, it will be with a bit more skill than the last task. Each step we take will be one step closer to our goals.

As with any growth, there are growing pains. We will stumble and sometimes we will fall. This will give us the opportunity to evaluate our steps and correct them.

So, if you are serious about working on line, there is a whole bunch of useful information on this site. Check out the list of articles written with YOU in mind.  With the information and tools available through this website, Just as I am doing, YOU can also achieve your highest aspirations.

To take the next step, I could try to sell you something. But I won’t. Because I want you to make a truly honest decision based on what YOU want for your life. Read this article, if you are still here and thinking you want to walk that ‘road less traveled’ and reach for your dreams, there will be a link to take you to the next step.  What ever road you choose – May it be filled with health and prosperity!

Earn Money Working Online

Working Online Can Be A Very Lucrative Venture –

If You Choose The Correct Platform.


A Personal Promotion of Wealthy Affiliate

It’s kind of like standing out there in the vastness of space when you are looking for the right platform. So, I am here to help you answer some of those questions that need to be answered before you jump off the deep end.

You have decided you want to work on line. Of course, it is to make money.  Why would anyone want to work and not make money.  So, a few things we need to decide right off the bat…

  • What do I want to do?
  • How much time do I have to dedicate to this venture?
  • Do I have money to invest or am I looking for something free?
  • Do I know what I am doing?
  • Do I need to learn how to be successful on the internet?
  • How am I going to learn to be a success?
  • Can I learn while creating my internet presence?

Lets Get Those Questions Out Of The Way

What Do I Want To Do?

Maybe you are a crafter or an artist and make beautiful jewelry and have an inventory building up.  Maybe you are a carpenter who loves to build cabinets.  Maybe you are very social and love talking to people about things that are important to you.  Maybe you want to share what you know with the world.

Media has the biggest reach of everything everywhere. Think about it.  People want to see what their friends and family are doing, they go to Facebook to see the latest posts.  People give a shout out to twitter and share their thoughts with the rest of the world.  When someone needs a birthday present, directions, or want to learn about something new, they go to the internet. Pretty much everyone goes to the internet.

It makes perfect sense to create a space on the internet.  But what do you want to do?


How Much Time Do I Have To Dedicate To This Venture?

While there are many site out there that will tell you how easy it is to create a presence on line, become successful and give up your day job, it is simply not the truth. Okay, granted, if you have thousands of dollars to invest and pay some guru to create that success for you, it could happen that way. But the truth is it is simply not an easy task.

Think about it for a moment. And no, I am not trying to scare you or create anxiety. The truth is that sometimes the fruit is awesome and sometimes the fruit is only awesome to look at.

There are Billions of people out there surfing the internet. Of those billions, Millions are doing business on line. Of those Millions doing business on line, millions are successful.  You hear about them all the time.  Sites like Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, Google, YouTube and many more are making a fortune.  I remember back in 1996, I got my first personal computer and signed up with Yahoo for an email address.  Yahoo was quite small at the time.  Certainly not the giant they are today. They were pretty much an email site.  Twenty years later, they are a common household word so much that anyone who has access to the internet knows who Yahoo is.

That didn’t happen over night. It did happen relatively fast though. So, within the concept of time, it can happen quickly.  That all depends on YOU!

Just as you get up in the morning to go to your job, you will sit in front of the computer and start your work here. In the same way you learned to perform your job, you will learn to create your internet presence.  Life is all about learning. How well you learn, depends on how good the instructor is and how dedicated you are to understanding the lessons and incorporating the information.

Learning takes time. And when you are dealing with creating a presence on the internet, we are talking about a whole new platform.  A whole new language to learn.  Sounds daunting – right? It is only what you make it. 

So, how much time do you have to invest in this new venture? Better to dedicate time now and reap the rewards of learning now.  If you can dedicate a few hours a day to this, utilize the support you will have (if you choose to go with an awesome training program), you will surely leverage your time to succeed in a much shorter period of time than you will going to that job everyday and working from paycheck to paycheck.

Consider this…Would you rather work hard for a year or two to gain complete success and be able to enjoy the life you imagine  – or – Continue to work paycheck to paycheck simply because you do not have enough faith in yourself to take the leap to prosperity?

In fact, you could dedicate yourself to this and create a whole new work environment. How much time do you have to dedicate to your future? To your happiness? To your prosperity?


Do I have money to invest or am I looking for something free?

 Any one that knows me can say I am not someone who minces words. A little truth here… it is well known that you get what you pay for.  So, if you want to do things for free, you will get a little help. There are so many ways to go in the free department.  You can spend hours, days, months and maybe years trying to figure out what optimizing your website with highly ranked keywords does for your site.  And that is the absolute truth. You may never figure it out. 

I could go into detail here and try to explain how to get your website ranked with search engines such as google. And then there is always that unfortunate thing about change.  People change what they want, how they look at things, how much money they spend and when they spend that money. So many variables to consider daily. Just when you think you have figured something out, something changes. You have to start all over again. But I digress.

Believe me when I say you would be up to your nose in several excel spread sheets and probably be seriously considering antidepressants. We don’t want that.

Aside from free for all pages, there are a few more things you would have to know such as meta tags, autoresponders, search engines, links, short links, HTML, drag and drop, and so many more terms.  It would take books to put a list of all the things you would need to know to achieve success without a significant amount of help. I am not saying this to scare you away or make you think that you are not capable of creating success on the web. I am simply showing you how difficult a task it would be to undertake on your own – unless you are an internet guru of course.

Without some kind of mentor program and unless you were a computer programmer, you would literally have to stumble across information to even become aware that it is something you need to know. How crazy is that? Of the Billions of bits of information out there, the task of deciding who’s information is the right information would be daunting. The research alone would command most of your time.

You will be buying books on everything from marketing, marketing psychology on the internet, to every bit of information on building websites and promoting them.  Your library would certainly need revamping because it is going to get large. And you are going to do a ton of reading.  But the problem is that you are still doing it alone.  What if you do not understand something?  Here comes the research again.  There are going to be a pile of those ‘research’ moments.

That is a fairly clear depiction of what going at it for free will look like.  As I said, I have been there and can attest to the fact that before you know it, you have spent money on plugins and autoresponders and signed up for many tools that charge you a monthly fee. You will be in over your head and your time will be spent just trying to track all the programs you have downloaded and what you pay for them.  You will not be working on your original task… becoming successful on the internet.

That is how you get sucked into those ‘Build a website for Free”offers.  And there are thousands and thousands of them.


 Do I Know What I Am Doing?

This is a most important question. You could begin by searching the internet and reading about all the tools you will need and where to get them.  After you have done that, and purchased a domain name to use, you find a web hosting site where you can create your website, for a monthly fee of course,  and little direction as to how to build a website.  Sure, they offer drag and drop and that is pretty easy. But is it what you should be doing. 

Many website builders give you tools to make a website but do not give the tools to make that a popular website or one that will even show up on a search page like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

So, you have figured out that you need to get your page out there. You remember you came across some sights that offer free posting to their search sites.  You think “Wow! I can use the FFA pages to get noticed.  These are called “Free For All” sites because you can post your link to your web page on them for free.  Cool!!! But then if you want to rank, (be placed high on the page so people actually see the link and can click on it), you have to post it every day – every day – everyday – or pay for the positions. 

Then, after a couple of weeks you figure out that you have gotten no traffic to your sight but your in box is filled with tons of junk mail because you had to give your email address in order to post your link. So, That was a huge waste of time. (not to mention the time it takes to unsubscribe from all those emails). Back to the drawing board.  I know this because it is exactly how I started out. This is one example of many examples I can show you of things you will need to know and there are two ways you can go about this.

  1.  You can pay for every little thing you need and end up paying $1000’s of dollars to get it started and keep it going. I mean per month.
  2.  You can pay a monthly fee that is 1000’s of times cheaper and have access to all the tools AND training you will need to become successful. I mean you are not going to pay even  $1000 dollar in a year.

Do I need to learn how to be successful on the internet?

Stumbling around and trying to figure it all out on the internet was done a few decades ago.  We just have to collect and utilize the information. Isn’t that what learning is? Just like we learned to drive or cook, we can learn to be successful.  There was no course in high school that taught us how to become a millionaire, the CEO of a corporation, or so many other things. So, everything we do has a learning period.

To reinforce what it is that you might need to learn, here are a few things

  1. Create a website
  2. design it
  3. add images
  4. write content
  5. utilize meta tags
  6. optimize it for search engines
  7. design the business niche
  8. get it ranked
  9. update it often
  10. add links that move you through the website
  11. add links that move you into the internet
  12. design links for your sight that track  movement on the sight
  13. design a way to get visitor emails
  14. design an email contact program
  15. keep up on removing folks that request removal from your email list.

This list does not even begin to get into what you will need to know, how to do it, and why it has to be done. 


How am I going to learn to be a success?

Imagine if you will, getting up in the morning and sitting in the sun room with a hot cup of coffee and the paper. Okay, the news on line. You do not have to worry about getting dressed right away because you are already at the office.  Sitting there in your PJ’s and you are already ready for work.  You don’t have to beat the traffic. You don’t have to worry about that pesky time clock.  You have a lunch date – no problem because you don’t have to worry about the boss  – YOU ARE THE BOSS!!!

I assure you, I am in my pajamas when I am working on my business.  A hot cup of coffee and it could be 10am or 6pm or midnight.  I work when I want to.  I go on vacation when I want to.  Sometime I bring my Computer and work a bit while on vacation.  For me, I visit family often.  While everyone is at work, I can put in a few hours and respond to comments on my site, answer questions, give support to those that are working hard to create their success because I want everyone to succeed.  I don’t mean to create the same income they had before they started here either. I mean an income that allows them to have freedom in life.

I want everyone that joins Wealthy Affiliate to be as successful as possible.  I hope to create a movement of people that have taken back their lives and are happy and healthy and prosperous!!!

Life is too short!  Stop worrying about how much time to invest in creating your own life. Take back your time. Take back your life. Do you have a few hours a day to invest in the brightest future. How bright?  As bright as you can imagine. How much time do you have to invest in breaking the chains that bind you?


Can I learn while creating my internet presence?

The whole concept behind the Wealthy Affiliate program is to build as you learn.  It is a very ‘hands on’ experience.  I actually thought it was a little weird to have access to so much information and so many people in a community of people working towards the same goals as me.  I found myself a bit overwhelmed in the first few days.  When I got a look at all the information, training, people and tools available to me, I was awe struck.  No kidding!!! 

I spent the first few days digging in like never before. I had to learn to pace myself. I wanted so badly to be able to give up that job and the living paycheck to paycheck thing. I had my website up and so many ideas.  It was difficult for me to slow down.  You know that feeling of ‘I want it yesterday!” My pace said I wanted it last week. 

I took a full day off and unplugged. Spent the day with my family outside. Laughed and played with nieces and nephews and realized that doing what I was doing right there – at that moment – was what life is about.

At this point, I was utilizing the ‘free’ program within Wealthy Affiliate.  While this is an amazing program and offers so many tools, training and support from the free platform, I decided to fully commit to creating  that future. The one where I was laughing and creating memories during the time when I would normally be working for someone else.  I wanted that freedom.

I upgraded my status with Wealthy Affiliate to a yearly membership. No more payments for a whole year.  It was such a stress reliever.  Before I became a premium member, paying annually, I was so worried about every minute I was not on the computer learning to do something, that I was not going to succeed as I was so worried about what I would achieve from one month to the next or from one payment to the next.

I don’t care where you came from.  I don’t care how far you went in school.  I truly believe anyone can do this. There is so much support, no one will let you fail.  You can not ask too many questions.  It doesn’t matter if you have no idea what you are doing.  I only care about changing the way you see yourself.  I only care about showing you how capable you truly are. It is time to take back your life. You are an amazing creature.  Every minute of every day is spent learning something.  Why not spend some time learning how to be more successful than most people even think is possible.  Believe in yourself and your ability. 

To answer the question of whether you can learn while creating your success…   We would not have it any other way at Wealthy Affiliate! 

So, back to the first question…


What do I want to do?

One of my personal goals is to publish a book. So, I write a lot about my journey here.  I have the first line of the book already written and here it is…

“After the immediate anxiety that washed over me as I became aware of all the information available to me, all the tools I have access to, I realized – I would BE one of those success stories, I got to the task of learning and creating. My first web page was up and on line within the first few hours of joining Wealthy Affiliate.”

What do you WANT  to do? When you think about it, you realize how difficult it could be to make this decision.  There are so many options – unlimited actually. When dealing with the internet, there isn’t really anything that you can not find on line. There is a group of people out there looking for just about anything. So, it really doesn’t matter what you want to do. Beginning the Wealthy Affiliate course will walk you through making that decision while giving you options until you choose.

You could build a store that sells whatever you want to sell,  You could create a blog and be a portal of information on a certain subject. Be your motive political, personal, or business – or for fun, creating a niche’ is what you will be doing.  Niche’ – a group of people looking for something.  Everything is a niche’. Camping, hunting, hiking, driving, crafting, welding, woodworking, walking, eating healthy, singing, karaoke,  working, reading, exercising, running, drinking, writing, digging, researching, painting, sculpting, cleaning, and the list is endless. 

Then there is the niche’ inside the niche’. Take crafting for example. Within crafting, you have the different kinds of crafting, needle point, sewing, knitting, quilting, and so on. And the niche’ inside that niche’. For example we use sewing. There are sewing machines, sewing machine parts, sewing machine repair, sewing machine brands, sewing machine abilities, sewing machine stores, sewing machine repair shops, and more.

This is almost an overload of information. The point is that you can do whatever you choose to do.  Out there – in cyberspace – someone is looking for what you offer. Billions of people are connected to the internet.  They surf. They shop. They read and research. They meet up with family and friends. They keep in touch through email and social media sights. The internet is an integral part of most people’s lives. If you live in a civilized world, one way or the other, you are connected.

I just makes sense to move forward in our personal lives and take advantage of the enormous advantage the internet offers.  There has been no better time to take the first step to create joy in your life. No better time to live the life you had hoped you could create when you were younger. Or create the life you desire while you are still young. 

The old adage ‘The Sky Is The Limit’ really is the truth. Millions of people can’t all be wrong.

  • What do You want to do?


  • How much time do I have to dedicate to this venture?

2-3 hours a day

  • Do I have money to invest or am I looking for something free?

Either will work – Paid is better

  • Do I know what I am doing?

You will shortly

  • Do I need to learn how to be successful on the internet?

Initially, everything has to be learned

  • How am I going to learn to be a success?

By having the best of the best teach you

  • Can I learn while creating my internet presence?

We wouldn’t have it any other way


SEO and Keywords

How To Use Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

I know, it is confusing. So many words and phrases that are easily confusing for the first time marketer. This is not so tough though. We are amazing creatures with the most powerful tool on the planet at our disposal… Our brain. We have the ability to learn and we manage to do this everyday with ultimately no difficulty. Some things are tougher to understand than others but if we apply ourselves, we can accomplish anything.

What the ble*ep is Search Engine Optimization For Keywords?

man questioning confused

 In a nutshell… search engine optimization is what makes your website work – out there on the world wide web.

Have you ever gone on-line to look for something? Needed an idea for a birthday? Wanted to start a new project but didn’t know all of what it entailed? Words are what the internet utilizes to produce web pages for your viewing. Search Engines are running constantly behind the scenes to make your internet journey pleasant and successful. The internet scores words based on the millions of searches people use every day. It really is an amazing process when you learn about what happens and how it happens. Let’s take a closer look at that.

I Imagine A Million Tiny Little Mice Running On the Wheel of the World Wide Web



And just when you think it will get tired and take a break, a million more people punch some words in the search field and the mouse goes crazy again. No one ever sees the gears grinding. A million calculations a second and in an instant, there are the boots you are looking for or that sale you heard was going on. Pretty impressive.

Let’s Take A Look At Those Gears



From the other side of the internet, looking at search engines is a different story. Using the correct words to describe your website can make or break it. Since traffic is what you need to create, and the right words are what creates that traffic, I would say learning as much as possible about how to leverage words is key to your success as an internet marketer or blogger (or whatever your niche is).

Wealthy Affiliate is a training program online. It offers a profound set of tools and lessons, videos, and support that gives extremely detailed lessons on what a search engine does for the internet, the web surfer, as well as the person creating the content we surf on the web.


I Type It In The Search Field And It Brings Me There

Almost like magic! Well, just like this page you are reading now, someone created it and put thought into it about what it would say, the theme of the page so-to-speak. The words used in a website obviously talk about the subject of the page or pages. So, when you type in a word, for example, beaches – you will get a list of links to anything and everything related to beaches. You are likely to come up with 1000s of pages full of links on everything from where they are to the temperature of the water and everything in between. The idea of this search, for the person behind the business is to get his or her business/blog/video on the first page. Not many people will go through several pages looking for what they want. The easiest way is to click the link at the top of the page that has (hopefully) what they are looking for.

Google is pretty much the top search engine on the internet today. Which means that Google is going through every search (or close to it), and figuring out which is the best pages to fulfill your search needs. So, Google ‘ranks’ websites based on the content of the pages, the links within those pages and the relevance of the words written within the site.

Sounds like a ton of work! It is. Thank the universe a computer is doing it for us, otherwise, it would take a lifetime to calculate all the information a search engine such as Google processes in seconds and less.

Wealthy Affiliate and the Search Engine

As an Internet Marketer, learning about search engine optimization was key for me to leverage success on the web. Learning about search engines and how they work truly opens your eyes to how the internet works. It takes you out of the dark and into the light. When it is not so misunderstood, it is actually much easier to understand. I am thankful I don’t have to understand it any more than utilizing a plug in.

Wealthy Affiliate uses a plug in called JAAXY. JAAXY does pretty much what Google does. You type in a word or series of words and JAAXY gives you the statistics on what that word or group of words is doing on the internet. This plugin breaks down the information into categories such as how much competition there is between websites using the words you are searching. It tells you if you are creating content for the internet, if those words you are using will be more successful at drawing traffic through a search or not. It even tells you if there are domains you can purchase with those words. There is much more to JAAXY then just searching keywords. This is a door opener to success. A tool within Wealthy Affiliate (free to premium members), among many other tools designed to teach a person how to be a success at whatever your niche is on the Web.

As an internet marketer, JAAXY has shown me how important this tool truly is and how easy it is to learn how to use properly. There is not one single idea, or way to become successful on the internet. But in all my 30+ years of being online, I choose the Wealthy Affiliate training program and web host to continue creating my success because of tools such as JAAXY.

Here is a breakdown of the Wealthy Affiliate Training and tools. Check it out. I know you will be as impressed as I am still and will see how becoming trained, learning from experts, from successful internet marketers and bloggers can set you on the path to create a better life for you and those around you.
If you are looking for a dynamic grouping of tools to catapult your business on the web to stardom and finally show you how to achieve the success every one hopes for, Check out Wealthy Affiliate, take the 30 seconds to sign up and another 30 seconds to create your website. Join Millions of internet entrepreneurs utilizing all the tools available through Wealthy Affiliate and don’t just dream – Create the dream – Live the dream!

Entrepreneur Marketers

Do we fit into a category?

To Be All You Can Be…..  or Not

I think we get hung up on titles. I am not a fan of putting people into categories. People are amazing.  Everyone is an entrepreneur. If you have ever sold anything, talked a friend into doing something they did not want to do, or simply changed someone’s mind you are an entrepreneur.

Titles and categories are so limiting.  We put ourselves into a category and before you know it, we have limited our abilities somehow. Now we are experts within our ‘category’. But that is not all we are.

An Entrepreneur Marketer, an entrepreneur, a marketer, and there is always the Internet Marketer and on-line Entrepreneur. These are all boundaries designed to limit our abilities into a box.  A box I like to think of as the one I think outside of.

I am a Jennifer. That is my category.  A Jennifer of all trades – master of none.  I will gladly take that title as I believe perfection can never be reached because there is always an upgrade around the corner. The best we can be is ever learning and improving our position on this planet – you know – and staying ahead of the rat race.

I know, sounds a little like rambling.  I guess I am a bit. I want to make a few points that back up what I have said in past posts.  We limit ourselves. Without thinking- because it was instilled in us a long time ago to be a certain way… to think a certain way.

Breaking those boundaries we have created for ourselves takes dedicated attention to our habits.  There I go again, talking about our habits. Categories, habits, training, brainwashing, teachings, lessons, and so many other terms for a simple focus on maintaining the status quo.

For me, the hardest habit for me to break was the way I thought about me. How I considered me to be just like everyone else. Normal, average, and not all-that-impressive. As I searched my life and tried to figure out how I came to look at myself this way, I figured out that we are trained from a baby to be just another person in the crowd.  That makes us manageable and controllable.

All of a sudden I felt quite defiant. I am not just anyone. I can do whatever I put my mind to. I can be great. I am capable of learning. Honestly, with YouTube, there really isn’t much you can’t learn now. YouTube is my go to for pretty much anything I am trying to learn.  There are some things that are better learned from the experts though.

So, I decided that I am going to be great! Want to be great with me?  Lets shoot for the stars together in Wealthy Affiliate.  The best place on the internet to become ALL you can be.

Leave a comment and lets talk about the future and how you can benefit from signing up and creating a life that gives you back your time and allows you to create your dreams. There is no better time than right now.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Got What It Takes

Sometimes life’s roads are challenging. Like a class 4 rapid, those challenges can test our resolve and often times do. It is the result of our choices that determines our success or our failure. Tests come in many forms and can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves that help guide us to the next challenge or should I say – the next success.

I do not believe in wasting time, mine or yours. So let us take a single minute to help you along the road of success. Consider where you are in your life… Right now. Is this where you want to be in a year from now? In two years from now? Do you love what you do? If not, lets talk about where to go from here.



In order to take back your life, you are going to have to put in a little extra time. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich scheme that is going to take you from rags to riches over night. If that is what you are looking for, you might want to take a trip to the local Casino because that is about the only place that dream will come true.  They are called Dreams for a reason. If it was that easy to get rich, they would be called realities instead of dreams.  I would be on a beach somewhere warm and sunny dreaming of new realities.

You see, it doesn’t make sense to me to work hard for decades living the facade that you are creating your Golden Years. Why is that looked at as such an awesome path? We spend our lives, our youth, our best years giving most of our time to someone else that is making a ton of money off of our hard work. Only to end up creating a situation in our later life where we are still living paycheck to paycheck. Our bills don’t change.  Maybe we were lucky enough to have bought a home. That costs money. And the things that can go wrong with owning a home are huge. Time consuming to fix and cost your first born. On top of that, things break after a bit of age. So, those golden years are going to be spent fixing things that break, paying all the same bills we paid before we retire and doing it on a smaller percentage of our life-long income. The one thing that gets me most about all this…

We have spent our very best years working for someone else, living just beyond broke while our bodies are aging. By the time we get to our retirement, we have all these body glitches, maybe some diseases like arthritis, diabetes, back problems and more. Maybe some of these conditions were created from our professions.  My point is that we give away the best years of our lives for a paycheck. It would not be so bad if that paycheck were enough to justify the aches and pains we will or do live with in our not-so-youthful years. But mostly, it does not. So, why would anyone choose to give away their youth, sell their health for a paycheck, and choose to walk blindly into a retirement that will be quite lacking?

If you have gone through this website, read the posts here, you will see how we are raised and trained to believe that we are simply regular folks, not anything special, not meant for greatness. I am here to tell you, you have been lied to!!! If you believe you are anything short of a miracle capable of incredible things, you need to read Why I Think The Way I Do.

We Work, We Work, We Work

Yes, we work to create a retirement fund. But is that fund enough to live comfortably?  When you retire, what percentage of your income will you actually receive? 60%? Maybe a little more.  Maybe a little less. Think about it. Make $100,000.00 a year (for most this is a bit high). Take home after taxes about $60,000.00.  After you retire, you take home about $60,000.00 and then you are taxed. So your income will end up being a bit less than when you worked.  You will probably need to get a part time job to supplement your income – if you want to do anything in your Golden Years. Not exactly the ‘dream’ I was planning. How about you?

Be free! Learn to fly! Learn to play again. Right now in this moment you have a way to change your stars. Apply yourself to create a ‘reality’ that can reap rewards that will enable you to live an easier life.  One where you are the Captain of your ship. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling to be able to get up in the morning and not have the worry of being fired for taking the day off?

Here is a link for you to see what  Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

Wealthy Affiliate

The Right Tools For What You Need To Do – For What You Want To Do

Did I mention that Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that teaches you how to be a powerful internet guru? In these links you will find a review of the program. I know you will see the beauty in the training. An incredible set of tools backed by a huge community of like-minded folks ready to help in any way we can. Oh, did I mention that you can do this for FREE? No catches. There are two roads you can down with Wealthy Affiliate – a free membership and a Premium membership. Both will get you where you want to be. So, if money is an issue, you are in the right place at the right time, standing at the precipice of your new ‘Reality’!

Take that first step and discover how profoundly you can change your life for the better. Join me in Wealthy Affiliate and I will see you on the other side!

Just Thinking Out Loud

Randomly, My Thoughts Wander Off To Somewhere I Have Never Been.

You might think I am crazy… or not! I am sure we have all been there at one time or another. Just sitting in the car at a red light and all of a sudden the car behind you lays on the horn, announcing their agitation with your tardy departure from the intersection. In a flash, you are ripped away from that moment of day-dreaming – a camping trip or a vacation in a sunny resort south of the border that you have been planning for what seems like years now.

I have often asked myself what I would have done if the internet were around when I was in my late teens or early twenties.  Would I have been an internet guru? A crazed on-line shopper or missed it all because my life choices would not have been any different than they were. Valid questions.  However, there is only one thing wrong with that scenario, we can not go back and have a ‘do over’ on anything we have ever done. Once a choice is made and followed up on, it is done! A moment lived is a moment gone! Even as I write these words on the page, this moment is gone… oops and this moment is gone too.  That quickly, our lives pass us by.

In those moments of preponderance,  I would think about things like how much money the person who created the toothpick made – or that little toothpick umbrella used in fancy drinks? I would wonder if I had a toothpick in my future. Then I would huff and shrug it off.  I often times thought life is about being at the right place at the right time. I have many times, considered how much my sense of timing has ultimately sucked.  Well, until I woke up and realized that moment, that singular moment of being in the right place at the right time can be created by me, by my choices, by the direction I choose to take. Saying yes instead of no. Taking a chance instead of walking away. How many times have we looked back and thought about those things we should have done but were afraid to take the risk or decided we didn’t have an extra $50.  How many times have we made a decision we have come to regret simply because we did not have enough self-confidence?

New Beginnings – New Choices

Well, I am here to say that we create our own destiny! Every choice we make has a consequence. We eat bad food-we get fat or sick. We walk a mile a day-we get healthy and strong. We drink alcohol everyday- we become alcoholics. We see the down side of everything-we become cynical. We smile and see the good around us and we become inspiring.  Our choices – Our lives. So, doesn’t it make sense to make good choices? See the light in our lives? And all we have to do is turn on the switch  – decide to see the light, the positive, the reward, the goal!

Retrain The Way We Think

First, we have to retrain our thinking.  That sounds like a daunting task.  How do we do that? Well, it is actually a fairly easy venture.  When you get down to brass tacks… everything we do, we do because we have created a habit. We smoke cigarettes when we talk on the phone, drink a cup of coffee, etc. We do things a certain way out of habit. So, retraining the way we think is simply creating a new habit replacing the old one. How do you create a habit… by doing something ‘habitually’. Simply by repeating the behavior until we do it without having to think about it.  It is truly that simple.

 Why Is It So Hard To Break A Habit?

Our need to have pleasure outweighs most other things in our lives. We can all say that is simply not true. However, if we are going to be honest with ourselves, we know it is true. How many times have we said ‘just one more’? One more minute, one more taste, one more game, one more whatever.  It is that desire for pleasure that stops us from creating that good habit. It is difficult to change those habits that have been created from pleasure.

The good thing is that not all habits have to be changed – Just the ones that stand in the way of us achieving our dreams. The ones that keep us from performing the tasks needed to create success. I’ll bet that is a relief. You were thinking you had to re-create your whole life, right? Well, in a way, that is exactly what will happen. The great news is that in creating those new, more directed habits, creating a whole new life is going to be the result.

Is It Worth It?

I have found the best motivator has always been the reward. What do I get for my hard work? What if I told you that you could work hard for a year and retire, would you be interested? Okay, not so realistic. What if I told you that you could work real hard for a year and then live the life you have always desired and work when you wanted to? Sound a bit more real? Well, it is certainly obtainable. If you are the kind of person that would rather work diligently for a while, and then reap the rewards of your hard work without having to spend the rest of your life working hard, then I have a proposition for you.

What if you could access all the tools you need to become an internet guru? Start a blog? Open a market place on line? Become a ‘YouTuber?’ Become an internet marketer in whatever niche you desire and have all the training and support you would ever need to succeed in a way that is only imagined right now.

Let Me Tell You About A Program

I am talking about a program, a training program, full of incredible tools, videos, training videos, and a community of like-minded and supportive folks that want you to succeed as much as we want to succeed and are accomplishing our goals and our aspirations and dreams.

I have spent most of my life around people that work hard, day in and day out. I watch as they struggle from paycheck to paycheck. No matter how hard they work at their job, their days are filled with the same tasks and the same rewards. (assuming their are rewards).  Year after year, decade after decade hard working people save for their retirement so they can enjoy the ‘golden years’ only to find out that the golden years are not so golden. It is a sad deal. Unfortunately, it is how most stories end.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of internet knowledge, you have the ability to change those not-so-golden years into awesome years.  If you can learn, follow instructions, and stick to it, you can create the kind of life you really want to be living.

You do not have to take my word for it. Read about it. Look it over. It doesn’t cost a single penny to give it a trial run.  In fact, it doesn’t cost a single penny to join and achieve your goals. What it does take is desire to be in a better place, to have more money, to have more free time, to spend more time with your family and friends. And yes, to take the day off if you want to without having to worry if you will have a ‘job’ (just over broke) to go back to.

Take The leap

One Step at a Time

So, you have read the review? It doesn’t matter what you want to do on the internet. Maybe you want to become an Amazon seller, or an Ebay seller.  Maybe you want to learn to create websites. Maybe you are a crafter and want to sell your crafts.  Are you an Artist who is tired of starving? Sell your art on-line. Sell anything on-line. Want to sell recipes? Want to help people train their pets? Want to start a political blog? If you can think of it, there is a market for it on-line. It truly does not matter what you want to do on-line. Wealthy Affiliate has the tools to guide you to your success. What are you waiting for?

There was a man, drowning in a river. He was praying to God for help. A man pulled up in a small boat and offered to help him. The man said no.  I am waiting for God to save me. Shortly after, another man came upon him in a canoe.  This man also offered to help the drowning man.  Again, the drowning man refused and claimed God would save him. After a short time, another watercraft pulled up to the drowning man and offered to rescue him.  Stubbornly, the man turned his rescuer away stating that God would save him.  The man drown.  As he was standing at the pearly gates, he asked God “God, I prayed, and I prayed that you would save me.  Why did you leave me to die?” God replied, “Dude, I sent three people to pull you out of that water.”

Sometime, the answer is not what we imagine it to be. Sometime the road less traveled is the best route. Sometime we have to step aside from what we know in order to learn. Sometime we have to think outside the box to achieve our goals. Sometime something amazing and real comes along and shows us how to do all those things. If you want to work hard for a little while, create a life you are happy living, have the time to live some of those dreams, and become the boss of you Click Here!


Struggling Paycheck To Paycheck

I CHOOSE to struggle from paycheck to paycheck

 Said no one as they sat with their first cup of coffee upon waking. I think more likely, it would be – ‘I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!’ Oh, another one… I hate my job!’ OOH! OOH! Here is one… ‘Do you think I will get fired if I call in sick today?’ Or maybe this one…


Sound familiar? If so, you will want to read on.

Where did It Begin

Many years ago in a galaxy far far away, a traditional upbringing was sent our way. We learned to walk and talk in the first couple of years and then spent a few years being told to shut up and sit down. Conflictual information began at a very young age. I am sure you can remember a few things that started you on the road of insecurity regarding what you know as right and wrong. Oh, don’t get me wrong.. We knew jumping on the couch was wrong and we knew why. Mostly it was because someone ‘said so.’

Parents always have great intentions. The unfortunate thing about parenting is that there really is not a formulated set of rules to follow. Yes, there are some common sense rules such as don’t beat your child and feed them and make sure they get good sleep. But….

 How Did It Happen

Repetition and redundant statements. Think about how many times in your childhood you were told to do something because someone said so. How many times you were told to do something because it was good for you. How many times you were told to do something because it was the right thing to do or because it is how we do it. Our lives began with preconditioning. Most of us were preconditioned to follow the crowd, to do the right thing according to someone else’s view of what the right thing is.

Do you remember ever really stepping outside of your norm to question what is right  FOR YOU? Or did you simply go along with what you were taught and get educated in something and find a ‘J.O.B.’ (just over broke). We are raised to become contributing citizens. Raised and formatted to perform a certain way that was determined for us by someone else – with our very best interest at heart – of course.

Then we were sent off to school where we were taught to sit and listen, read and learn, follow and obey. I think this paints a pretty clear picture of how it happened. Through no fault of our own, we push forward believing that this is the life for us and we chose it. We did not. It was chosen for us and it is time to ask that very important question…..

Is it ‘Fixable

You could search the internet to find answers to almost any question. But, I am sorry to say this is not one of them. This is your life. It is controlled by only one person – YOU. You are the Overseer of your domain, of your castle, of your life. It is that simple. Only you can determine if it is ‘fixable’.

Maybe it is time for you to sit quiet for a moment and ask yourself a few very relevant questions. For example, you could do some soul-searching and figure out who is in control of your life. You could try to answer the question of why that person is in control of your life and if that is how it should be – someone else in control of your life. Do not mistake my comment for compromise within a marriage, or consideration for others feelings.

Consider your potential destiny. Can you see yourself living a better life – with everyone that is in your life right now continuing to be in your life… doesn’t bettering yourself end up better for all around you? So look at that fine line of your choices. My defining question is this: When I am laying on my death bed (supposing I have that moment of reflection), am I going to regret doing this, or regret not doing this? They say once the mind expands, it can never go back to its original size. I believe that is true. You can not unlearn something. Yes you can forget but you can not unlearn something. And once you have grown, you can not change the effect. So, are you expanding your mind? Do YOU think it is ‘Fixable’?

 How Many Reasons Do I Need?


Is this the Dream or Living the Dream?


  • How many dreams do you have?
  • How tired are you of things in your life as they are now?
  • Can you see yourself making more money?
  • Can you see yourself with more time for family and friends?
  • Would you like to go on vacation and work when YOU want to work?
  • Wouldn’t you like to take a day off because you WANTED to?

Can I Achieve Success?

Only one person can answer this question. I would like to implement a bit of critical thinking here. Learn by example. The best example for this discussion is YOU.

I have to ask you a few questions and I am sure you will get where this is leading to in a moment. So, without further a due….

  • When you were a small child, did you learn to use the potty? Yes.
  • Did you learn to walk? Yes
  • Did you learn to talk? Yes
  • Did you learn to feed yourself? Yes
  • Did you learn to dress? Yes
  • Did you learn to run? Yes
  • Did you learn to follow instruction? Yes
  • Did you learn to add, subtract, multiply, divide? Yes
  • Did you learn to read? Yes
  • Did you learn to color? Yes
  • Did you learn to open a door, close a door, open a window, close a window? Yes
  • Did you learn to drive a car, a bicycle, a trike, roller skates, roller-blades, water ski, swim, scuba dive?

All the above things you learned to do, some you learned before you even knew you were learning or why. Yet you succeeded. You continued to succeed right up to where you are today. I am sure if you look at failures in your life, you could probably see how you set yourself up to fail. You quit, somehow you did not create the plan of success and it fell short somehow so instead of pushing forward, you walked away. There is only one reason for failure, not finishing. You can choose to succeed simply by deciding not to quit no matter what.

Where There is a Will – There is a Way.

I could no doubt continue this list of questions indefinitely, right? I am sure the list of all you have learned is incredibly long. So, the better question to ask here is not ‘Can I achieve success?’. The better question is are you willing to begin and dedicate yourself to Your success? Because the only reason… and Yes, I mean the only reason you wouldn’t achieve success is because you chose to not follow through.

I will tell you a little secret about myself. My family life as a child was not a really pretty one. I am from an alcoholic family. Both my parents were severe alcoholics. I spent many years of my childhood trying to get away from both of them. (I am a very strong person because of my life and I am not saying this for sympathy so please look beyond that aspect of what I am saying).

Because of my choices growing up, I ended up dropping out of school from the 7th grade. My point is that we choose to succeed or not to succeed. With a 7th grade education at 14 years old, I was adjudicated a P.I.N.S. petition in family court. That is a ‘person in need of supervision’. At 15 years old, I became a ward of the state.

At the ripe age of 44, I decided it was my time. I had done the family thing. Raised a beautiful son and was ready for my light to shine. After dropping out of school in the 7th grade, I applied to University – and got accepted! Almost 30 years later, I went back to school. In December 2015 I graduated with a Masters in Higher Education ‘Summa Cum Laude’ with a perfect 4.0!

I am hoping you are getting my point. It is YOUR life. It is YOUR choice to succeed or quit. Is it Fixable? You tell me!

 Where Do I Begin?

This is the easy part! If you can apply your dreams to your ambition, remember you have the ability to learn, and know that you are never truly alone, Click here and take the first step to becoming a successful internet marketer. It does not matter what you want to do on-line. Wealthy Affiliate is not about getting you to make money for me or anyone else. As you have done in the past, when you were a small child, a teenager, a young adult, you learn to be that which you desire most. Wealthy Affiliate is a training program designed by some of the most successful internet marketers. A training program that will walk you through from the very beginning to your ultimate success and every step in between!

We are a community of people who have created successful internet businesses and are creating at this moment. We are many and we are here to help YOU find your place and create your success. We are available 24/7/365!

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Where do you begin? At the beginning in Wealthy Affiliate. Surround yourself with successful people and soon you too, will experience the success you desire. What are you waiting for? Begin HERE!

See you on the other side!!!