Do You Have What It Takes?

    Got What It Takes

    Sometimes life’s roads are challenging. Like a class 4 rapid, those challenges can test our resolve and often times do. It is the result of our choices that determines our success or our failure. Tests come in many forms and can teach us valuable lessons about ourselves that help guide us to the next challenge or should I say – the next success.

    I do not believe in wasting time, mine or yours. So let us take a single minute to help you along the road of success. Consider where you are in your life… Right now. Is this where you want to be in a year from now? In two years from now? Do you love what you do? If not, lets talk about where to go from here.



    In order to take back your life, you are going to have to put in a little extra time. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich scheme that is going to take you from rags to riches over night. If that is what you are looking for, you might want to take a trip to the local Casino because that is about the only place that dream will come true.  They are called Dreams for a reason. If it was that easy to get rich, they would be called realities instead of dreams.  I would be on a beach somewhere warm and sunny dreaming of new realities.

    You see, it doesn’t make sense to me to work hard for decades living the facade that you are creating your Golden Years. Why is that looked at as such an awesome path? We spend our lives, our youth, our best years giving most of our time to someone else that is making a ton of money off of our hard work. Only to end up creating a situation in our later life where we are still living paycheck to paycheck. Our bills don’t change.  Maybe we were lucky enough to have bought a home. That costs money. And the things that can go wrong with owning a home are huge. Time consuming to fix and cost your first born. On top of that, things break after a bit of age. So, those golden years are going to be spent fixing things that break, paying all the same bills we paid before we retire and doing it on a smaller percentage of our life-long income. The one thing that gets me most about all this…

    We have spent our very best years working for someone else, living just beyond broke while our bodies are aging. By the time we get to our retirement, we have all these body glitches, maybe some diseases like arthritis, diabetes, back problems and more. Maybe some of these conditions were created from our professions.  My point is that we give away the best years of our lives for a paycheck. It would not be so bad if that paycheck were enough to justify the aches and pains we will or do live with in our not-so-youthful years. But mostly, it does not. So, why would anyone choose to give away their youth, sell their health for a paycheck, and choose to walk blindly into a retirement that will be quite lacking?

    If you have gone through this website, read the posts here, you will see how we are raised and trained to believe that we are simply regular folks, not anything special, not meant for greatness. I am here to tell you, you have been lied to!!! If you believe you are anything short of a miracle capable of incredible things, you need to read Why I Think The Way I Do.

    We Work, We Work, We Work

    Yes, we work to create a retirement fund. But is that fund enough to live comfortably?  When you retire, what percentage of your income will you actually receive? 60%? Maybe a little more.  Maybe a little less. Think about it. Make $100,000.00 a year (for most this is a bit high). Take home after taxes about $60,000.00.  After you retire, you take home about $60,000.00 and then you are taxed. So your income will end up being a bit less than when you worked.  You will probably need to get a part time job to supplement your income – if you want to do anything in your Golden Years. Not exactly the ‘dream’ I was planning. How about you?

    Be free! Learn to fly! Learn to play again. Right now in this moment you have a way to change your stars. Apply yourself to create a ‘reality’ that can reap rewards that will enable you to live an easier life.  One where you are the Captain of your ship. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling to be able to get up in the morning and not have the worry of being fired for taking the day off?

    Here is a link for you to see what  Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

    Wealthy Affiliate

    The Right Tools For What You Need To Do – For What You Want To Do

    Did I mention that Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that teaches you how to be a powerful internet guru? In these links you will find a review of the program. I know you will see the beauty in the training. An incredible set of tools backed by a huge community of like-minded folks ready to help in any way we can. Oh, did I mention that you can do this for FREE? No catches. There are two roads you can down with Wealthy Affiliate – a free membership and a Premium membership. Both will get you where you want to be. So, if money is an issue, you are in the right place at the right time, standing at the precipice of your new ‘Reality’!

    Take that first step and discover how profoundly you can change your life for the better. Join me in Wealthy Affiliate and I will see you on the other side!

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      I hold a Bachelors degree in Art with a concentration in Sculpture. I also hold a Masters degree in Higher Education. While this is suppose to mean something, it actually has not made my life better. So, I say, find your niche, Follow your niche, Be your niche. I am finding it would have been a much more productive choice to have started with Wealthy Affiliate instead of all that college. HMMM.

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