Earn Money Working Online

    Working Online Can Be A Very Lucrative Venture –

    If You Choose The Correct Platform.


    A Personal Promotion of Wealthy Affiliate

    It’s kind of like standing out there in the vastness of space when you are looking for the right platform. So, I am here to help you answer some of those questions that need to be answered before you jump off the deep end.

    You have decided you want to work on line. Of course, it is to make money.  Why would anyone want to work and not make money.  So, a few things we need to decide right off the bat…

    • What do I want to do?
    • How much time do I have to dedicate to this venture?
    • Do I have money to invest or am I looking for something free?
    • Do I know what I am doing?
    • Do I need to learn how to be successful on the internet?
    • How am I going to learn to be a success?
    • Can I learn while creating my internet presence?

    Lets Get Those Questions Out Of The Way

    What Do I Want To Do?

    Maybe you are a crafter or an artist and make beautiful jewelry and have an inventory building up.  Maybe you are a carpenter who loves to build cabinets.  Maybe you are very social and love talking to people about things that are important to you.  Maybe you want to share what you know with the world.

    Media has the biggest reach of everything everywhere. Think about it.  People want to see what their friends and family are doing, they go to Facebook to see the latest posts.  People give a shout out to twitter and share their thoughts with the rest of the world.  When someone needs a birthday present, directions, or want to learn about something new, they go to the internet. Pretty much everyone goes to the internet.

    It makes perfect sense to create a space on the internet.  But what do you want to do?


    How Much Time Do I Have To Dedicate To This Venture?

    While there are many site out there that will tell you how easy it is to create a presence on line, become successful and give up your day job, it is simply not the truth. Okay, granted, if you have thousands of dollars to invest and pay some guru to create that success for you, it could happen that way. But the truth is it is simply not an easy task.

    Think about it for a moment. And no, I am not trying to scare you or create anxiety. The truth is that sometimes the fruit is awesome and sometimes the fruit is only awesome to look at.

    There are Billions of people out there surfing the internet. Of those billions, Millions are doing business on line. Of those Millions doing business on line, millions are successful.  You hear about them all the time.  Sites like Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, Google, YouTube and many more are making a fortune.  I remember back in 1996, I got my first personal computer and signed up with Yahoo for an email address.  Yahoo was quite small at the time.  Certainly not the giant they are today. They were pretty much an email site.  Twenty years later, they are a common household word so much that anyone who has access to the internet knows who Yahoo is.

    That didn’t happen over night. It did happen relatively fast though. So, within the concept of time, it can happen quickly.  That all depends on YOU!

    Just as you get up in the morning to go to your job, you will sit in front of the computer and start your work here. In the same way you learned to perform your job, you will learn to create your internet presence.  Life is all about learning. How well you learn, depends on how good the instructor is and how dedicated you are to understanding the lessons and incorporating the information.

    Learning takes time. And when you are dealing with creating a presence on the internet, we are talking about a whole new platform.  A whole new language to learn.  Sounds daunting – right? It is only what you make it. 

    So, how much time do you have to invest in this new venture? Better to dedicate time now and reap the rewards of learning now.  If you can dedicate a few hours a day to this, utilize the support you will have (if you choose to go with an awesome training program), you will surely leverage your time to succeed in a much shorter period of time than you will going to that job everyday and working from paycheck to paycheck.

    Consider this…Would you rather work hard for a year or two to gain complete success and be able to enjoy the life you imagine  – or – Continue to work paycheck to paycheck simply because you do not have enough faith in yourself to take the leap to prosperity?

    In fact, you could dedicate yourself to this and create a whole new work environment. How much time do you have to dedicate to your future? To your happiness? To your prosperity?


    Do I have money to invest or am I looking for something free?

     Any one that knows me can say I am not someone who minces words. A little truth here… it is well known that you get what you pay for.  So, if you want to do things for free, you will get a little help. There are so many ways to go in the free department.  You can spend hours, days, months and maybe years trying to figure out what optimizing your website with highly ranked keywords does for your site.  And that is the absolute truth. You may never figure it out. 

    I could go into detail here and try to explain how to get your website ranked with search engines such as google. And then there is always that unfortunate thing about change.  People change what they want, how they look at things, how much money they spend and when they spend that money. So many variables to consider daily. Just when you think you have figured something out, something changes. You have to start all over again. But I digress.

    Believe me when I say you would be up to your nose in several excel spread sheets and probably be seriously considering antidepressants. We don’t want that.

    Aside from free for all pages, there are a few more things you would have to know such as meta tags, autoresponders, search engines, links, short links, HTML, drag and drop, and so many more terms.  It would take books to put a list of all the things you would need to know to achieve success without a significant amount of help. I am not saying this to scare you away or make you think that you are not capable of creating success on the web. I am simply showing you how difficult a task it would be to undertake on your own – unless you are an internet guru of course.

    Without some kind of mentor program and unless you were a computer programmer, you would literally have to stumble across information to even become aware that it is something you need to know. How crazy is that? Of the Billions of bits of information out there, the task of deciding who’s information is the right information would be daunting. The research alone would command most of your time.

    You will be buying books on everything from marketing, marketing psychology on the internet, to every bit of information on building websites and promoting them.  Your library would certainly need revamping because it is going to get large. And you are going to do a ton of reading.  But the problem is that you are still doing it alone.  What if you do not understand something?  Here comes the research again.  There are going to be a pile of those ‘research’ moments.

    That is a fairly clear depiction of what going at it for free will look like.  As I said, I have been there and can attest to the fact that before you know it, you have spent money on plugins and autoresponders and signed up for many tools that charge you a monthly fee. You will be in over your head and your time will be spent just trying to track all the programs you have downloaded and what you pay for them.  You will not be working on your original task… becoming successful on the internet.

    That is how you get sucked into those ‘Build a website for Free”offers.  And there are thousands and thousands of them.


     Do I Know What I Am Doing?

    This is a most important question. You could begin by searching the internet and reading about all the tools you will need and where to get them.  After you have done that, and purchased a domain name to use, you find a web hosting site where you can create your website, for a monthly fee of course,  and little direction as to how to build a website.  Sure, they offer drag and drop and that is pretty easy. But is it what you should be doing. 

    Many website builders give you tools to make a website but do not give the tools to make that a popular website or one that will even show up on a search page like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

    So, you have figured out that you need to get your page out there. You remember you came across some sights that offer free posting to their search sites.  You think “Wow! I can use the FFA pages to get noticed.  These are called “Free For All” sites because you can post your link to your web page on them for free.  Cool!!! But then if you want to rank, (be placed high on the page so people actually see the link and can click on it), you have to post it every day – every day – everyday – or pay for the positions. 

    Then, after a couple of weeks you figure out that you have gotten no traffic to your sight but your in box is filled with tons of junk mail because you had to give your email address in order to post your link. So, That was a huge waste of time. (not to mention the time it takes to unsubscribe from all those emails). Back to the drawing board.  I know this because it is exactly how I started out. This is one example of many examples I can show you of things you will need to know and there are two ways you can go about this.

    1.  You can pay for every little thing you need and end up paying $1000’s of dollars to get it started and keep it going. I mean per month.
    2.  You can pay a monthly fee that is 1000’s of times cheaper and have access to all the tools AND training you will need to become successful. I mean you are not going to pay even  $1000 dollar in a year.

    Do I need to learn how to be successful on the internet?

    Stumbling around and trying to figure it all out on the internet was done a few decades ago.  We just have to collect and utilize the information. Isn’t that what learning is? Just like we learned to drive or cook, we can learn to be successful.  There was no course in high school that taught us how to become a millionaire, the CEO of a corporation, or so many other things. So, everything we do has a learning period.

    To reinforce what it is that you might need to learn, here are a few things

    1. Create a website
    2. design it
    3. add images
    4. write content
    5. utilize meta tags
    6. optimize it for search engines
    7. design the business niche
    8. get it ranked
    9. update it often
    10. add links that move you through the website
    11. add links that move you into the internet
    12. design links for your sight that track  movement on the sight
    13. design a way to get visitor emails
    14. design an email contact program
    15. keep up on removing folks that request removal from your email list.

    This list does not even begin to get into what you will need to know, how to do it, and why it has to be done. 


    How am I going to learn to be a success?

    Imagine if you will, getting up in the morning and sitting in the sun room with a hot cup of coffee and the paper. Okay, the news on line. You do not have to worry about getting dressed right away because you are already at the office.  Sitting there in your PJ’s and you are already ready for work.  You don’t have to beat the traffic. You don’t have to worry about that pesky time clock.  You have a lunch date – no problem because you don’t have to worry about the boss  – YOU ARE THE BOSS!!!

    I assure you, I am in my pajamas when I am working on my business.  A hot cup of coffee and it could be 10am or 6pm or midnight.  I work when I want to.  I go on vacation when I want to.  Sometime I bring my Computer and work a bit while on vacation.  For me, I visit family often.  While everyone is at work, I can put in a few hours and respond to comments on my site, answer questions, give support to those that are working hard to create their success because I want everyone to succeed.  I don’t mean to create the same income they had before they started here either. I mean an income that allows them to have freedom in life.

    I want everyone that joins Wealthy Affiliate to be as successful as possible.  I hope to create a movement of people that have taken back their lives and are happy and healthy and prosperous!!!

    Life is too short!  Stop worrying about how much time to invest in creating your own life. Take back your time. Take back your life. Do you have a few hours a day to invest in the brightest future. How bright?  As bright as you can imagine. How much time do you have to invest in breaking the chains that bind you?


    Can I learn while creating my internet presence?

    The whole concept behind the Wealthy Affiliate program is to build as you learn.  It is a very ‘hands on’ experience.  I actually thought it was a little weird to have access to so much information and so many people in a community of people working towards the same goals as me.  I found myself a bit overwhelmed in the first few days.  When I got a look at all the information, training, people and tools available to me, I was awe struck.  No kidding!!! 

    I spent the first few days digging in like never before. I had to learn to pace myself. I wanted so badly to be able to give up that job and the living paycheck to paycheck thing. I had my website up and so many ideas.  It was difficult for me to slow down.  You know that feeling of ‘I want it yesterday!” My pace said I wanted it last week. 

    I took a full day off and unplugged. Spent the day with my family outside. Laughed and played with nieces and nephews and realized that doing what I was doing right there – at that moment – was what life is about.

    At this point, I was utilizing the ‘free’ program within Wealthy Affiliate.  While this is an amazing program and offers so many tools, training and support from the free platform, I decided to fully commit to creating  that future. The one where I was laughing and creating memories during the time when I would normally be working for someone else.  I wanted that freedom.

    I upgraded my status with Wealthy Affiliate to a yearly membership. No more payments for a whole year.  It was such a stress reliever.  Before I became a premium member, paying annually, I was so worried about every minute I was not on the computer learning to do something, that I was not going to succeed as I was so worried about what I would achieve from one month to the next or from one payment to the next.

    I don’t care where you came from.  I don’t care how far you went in school.  I truly believe anyone can do this. There is so much support, no one will let you fail.  You can not ask too many questions.  It doesn’t matter if you have no idea what you are doing.  I only care about changing the way you see yourself.  I only care about showing you how capable you truly are. It is time to take back your life. You are an amazing creature.  Every minute of every day is spent learning something.  Why not spend some time learning how to be more successful than most people even think is possible.  Believe in yourself and your ability. 

    To answer the question of whether you can learn while creating your success…   We would not have it any other way at Wealthy Affiliate! 

    So, back to the first question…


    What do I want to do?

    One of my personal goals is to publish a book. So, I write a lot about my journey here.  I have the first line of the book already written and here it is…

    “After the immediate anxiety that washed over me as I became aware of all the information available to me, all the tools I have access to, I realized – I would BE one of those success stories, I got to the task of learning and creating. My first web page was up and on line within the first few hours of joining Wealthy Affiliate.”

    What do you WANT  to do? When you think about it, you realize how difficult it could be to make this decision.  There are so many options – unlimited actually. When dealing with the internet, there isn’t really anything that you can not find on line. There is a group of people out there looking for just about anything. So, it really doesn’t matter what you want to do. Beginning the Wealthy Affiliate course will walk you through making that decision while giving you options until you choose.

    You could build a store that sells whatever you want to sell,  You could create a blog and be a portal of information on a certain subject. Be your motive political, personal, or business – or for fun, creating a niche’ is what you will be doing.  Niche’ – a group of people looking for something.  Everything is a niche’. Camping, hunting, hiking, driving, crafting, welding, woodworking, walking, eating healthy, singing, karaoke,  working, reading, exercising, running, drinking, writing, digging, researching, painting, sculpting, cleaning, and the list is endless. 

    Then there is the niche’ inside the niche’. Take crafting for example. Within crafting, you have the different kinds of crafting, needle point, sewing, knitting, quilting, and so on. And the niche’ inside that niche’. For example we use sewing. There are sewing machines, sewing machine parts, sewing machine repair, sewing machine brands, sewing machine abilities, sewing machine stores, sewing machine repair shops, and more.

    This is almost an overload of information. The point is that you can do whatever you choose to do.  Out there – in cyberspace – someone is looking for what you offer. Billions of people are connected to the internet.  They surf. They shop. They read and research. They meet up with family and friends. They keep in touch through email and social media sights. The internet is an integral part of most people’s lives. If you live in a civilized world, one way or the other, you are connected.

    I just makes sense to move forward in our personal lives and take advantage of the enormous advantage the internet offers.  There has been no better time to take the first step to create joy in your life. No better time to live the life you had hoped you could create when you were younger. Or create the life you desire while you are still young. 

    The old adage ‘The Sky Is The Limit’ really is the truth. Millions of people can’t all be wrong.

    • What do You want to do?


    • How much time do I have to dedicate to this venture?

    2-3 hours a day

    • Do I have money to invest or am I looking for something free?

    Either will work – Paid is better

    • Do I know what I am doing?

    You will shortly

    • Do I need to learn how to be successful on the internet?

    Initially, everything has to be learned

    • How am I going to learn to be a success?

    By having the best of the best teach you

    • Can I learn while creating my internet presence?

    We wouldn’t have it any other way


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      I hold a Bachelors degree in Art with a concentration in Sculpture. I also hold a Masters degree in Higher Education. While this is suppose to mean something, it actually has not made my life better. So, I say, find your niche, Follow your niche, Be your niche. I am finding it would have been a much more productive choice to have started with Wealthy Affiliate instead of all that college. HMMM.

      4 thoughts on “Earn Money Working Online”

      1. Nice Job! I wish I had came across your article before I jumped off that deep end. I would have had a better idea of what I would be doing and what would be expected. The outcome would not have changed however. I joined WA and do not regret a minute of it. Your article definitely puts it into perspective.
        Thank you and best of luck in all you do.

        1. Thank you Lee for reading my article. I was quite overwhelmed when I started. The first two days were a real eye opener. I had no idea there was so much information to be absorbed. I realized early on that jumping in on a yearly basis was not only going to save me a ton of money, it would open the door for the learning I was about to undertake without the stress of paying monthly. Now I have a year to make this everything I want it to be while helping others (hopefully) take that step to achieve their dreams as well. God Bless and the best to to you also!

        1. Hey Tom, Thank you for stopping by. The post is still a work in progress. But you got the gist of the format I am using with this post. Your support is appreciated.

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