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    How To Use Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

    I know, it is confusing. So many words and phrases that are easily confusing for the first time marketer. This is not so tough though. We are amazing creatures with the most powerful tool on the planet at our disposal… Our brain. We have the ability to learn and we manage to do this every day with relative ease. Some things are tougher to understand than others but if we apply ourselves, we can accomplish anything.

    What the ble*ep is Search Engine Optimization?

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     In a nutshell… Search Engine Optimization is what makes your website work – out there on the worldwide web!

    Have you ever gone online to look for something, needed an idea for a birthday or wanted to start a new project but didn’t know all of what was entailed? Words are what the internet utilizes to produce web pages for your viewing. Search Engines are running constantly behind the scenes to make your internet journey pleasant and successful. The internet scores words based on the millions of searches people use every day. It really is an amazing process when you learn about what happens and how it happens. Let’s take a closer look at that.

    Imagine A Million Tiny Little Mice Running On the Wheel of the World Wide Web



    And just when you think it will get tired and take a break, a million more people punch some words in the search field and the mouse goes crazy again. No one ever sees the gears grinding. A million calculations a second and in an instant, there are the boots you are looking for or that sale you heard was going on. Pretty impressive.

    Let’s Take A Look At Those Gears



    From the other side of the internet, looking at search engines is a different story. Using the correct words to describe your website can make or break it. Since traffic is what you need to create, and the right words are what creates that traffic, I would say learning as much as possible about how to leverage words is key to your success as an internet marketer or blogger (or whatever your niche is).

    Wealthy Affiliate is a training program online. It offers a profound set of tools and lessons, videos, and support that gives extremely detailed lessons on what a search engine does for the internet, the web surfer, as well as the person creating the content we surf on the web.


    I Type It In The Search Field And It Brings Me There

    Almost like magic! Well, just like this page you are reading now, someone created it and put thought into it about what it would say, the theme of the page so-to-speak. The words used in a website obviously talk about the subject of the page or pages. So, when you type in a word, for example, beaches – you will get a list of links to anything and everything related to beaches. You are likely to come up with 1000s of pages full of links on everything from where they are to the temperature of the water and everything in between. The idea of this search, for the person behind the business is to get his or her business/blog/video on the first page. Not many people will go through several pages looking for what they want. The easiest way is to click the link at the top of the page that has (hopefully) what they are looking for.

    Google is pretty much the top search engine on the internet today. Which means that Google is going through every search (or close to it), and figuring out which is the best pages to fulfill your search needs. So, Google ‘ranks’ websites (as do all search engines) based on the content of the pages, the links within those pages and the relevance of the words written within the site.

    Sounds like a ton of work! It is. Thank the universe a computer is doing it for us, otherwise, it would take a lifetime to calculate all the information a search engine such as Google processes in seconds and less.

    Wealthy Affiliate and the Search Engine

    As an Internet Marketer, learning about search engine optimization was key for me to leverage success on the web. Learning about search engines and how they work truly opens our eyes to how the internet works. It takes us out of the dark and into the light. When it is not so misunderstood, it is actually much easier to understand. I am thankful I understand it and can utilize it by using a simple plug in.

    Wealthy Affiliate uses a plug in called JAAXY. JAAXY does pretty much what Google does. You type in a word or series of words and JAAXY gives you the statistics on what that word or group of words is doing on the internet. This plugin breaks down the information into categories such as how much competition there is between websites using the words you are searching. It tells you if  those words you are using will be successful at drawing traffic through a search or not. It even tells you if there are domains you can purchase with those words. There is much more to JAAXY then just searching keywords. This is a door opener to success. A tool within Wealthy Affiliate (free to premium members), among many other tools designed to teach a person how to be a success at whatever your niche is on the Web.

    As an internet marketer, JAAXY has shown me how important this tool truly is and how easy it is to learn how to use properly. There is not one single idea, or way to become successful on the internet. But in all my 30+ years of being online, I choose the Wealthy Affiliate training program and web host to continue creating my success because of tools such as JAAXY.

    Here is a breakdown of the Wealthy Affiliate Training and tools. Check it out. I know you will be as impressed as I am still and will see how becoming trained, learning from experts, from successful internet marketers and bloggers can set you on the path to create a better life for you and those around you.
    If you are looking for a dynamic grouping of tools to catapult your internet business to stardom and finally show you how to achieve the success every one hopes for, Check out Wealthy Affiliate, take the 30 seconds to sign up for free, go through a bit of the training, create your website. Take a good look around and decide for yourself. Join Millions of internet entrepreneurs utilizing all of the amazing tools available to you through Wealthy Affiliate and don’t just dream –  Create the dreamLive the dream!

    Please, feel free to leave a comment. I would love to know what you think!

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      I hold a Bachelors degree in Art with a concentration in Sculpture. I also hold a Masters degree in Higher Education. While this is suppose to mean something, it actually has not made my life better. So, I say, find your niche, Follow your niche, Be your niche. I am finding it would have been a much more productive choice to have started with Wealthy Affiliate instead of all that college. HMMM.

      4 thoughts on “SEO and Keywords”

      1. Job well done! Your site is very informative. You broke everything down and made it possible fro even a dummy like myself to understand. I had a general idea of what a keyword was , but NOW I definitely know and understand the true meaning.
        The pictures you used as well were awesome. You should pat yourself on the back for sure.
        Job well done.

        1. Lee, The first thing to do is STOP calling yourself a dummy!!! You are learning and moving forward. That makes you smarter than many. No one is a dummy! Thank you for your response. I was really in the dark about a lot of things before WA. I am learning so much myself. Thank you for the kudos!

        1. Stephan, If you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate already, I strongly suggest you join as the tools available for you to create traffic are awesome. it seemed a daunting task for me before I opened up the incredible box of tools available on WA Sight. Thank you for your comment.

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