You Want to Work Online


Looking for the opportunity you hope will change your life?

I have often tried to figure out how that scenario would play it. I have created dream lists and painted pictures of what my home would look like once my dream was achieved.  I have imagined what kind of little red sport car I would be driving. Maybe I would be riding in the back seat and having someone drive for me.  Big Dreams!!! Big imagination. Big failure. It took me some time to realize one very important truth – Dreams don’t come true unless you create them and that means hard work.

The First Mistake

I believe there is a child in each of us who continues to challenge our reality. It pops its head up every now and again. It is that part of us that loves DC Comic movies. Every Halloween it comes out to play – in the costume we choose to give out candy in or the way we feel when we see others having fun while we work hard to pay bills and put food on the table. I call this inner child ‘HIN’.  Sounds Asian, huh. It’s not. It’s an acronym for ‘have it now’. We all have one whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

Our first mistake in that search to find the path to our eventual success is letting that inner child guide us. We want to be able to go to work in our pj’s or while sitting by the pool.  We want to take that vacation and know we are making a ton of money while walking through the surf on some lavish resort beach.  We want to be where ever we want to be when ever we want to be there. 

The internet has created the false dream. It has created the persona of instant gratification. I want it now! And in some instances, you CAN get it NOW. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to work for us in the area of creating our personal wealth.

It’s Time For A Birthday

The only way we are going to succeed is to have a few birthdays.  So, celebrate and blow out the candles. It’s time to start thinking as the grown ups think. There is no easy way to the end goal. No matter what our goal is, we are going to have to learn, practice, and apply those lessons over and over again.  Each time we take a step, it will be better than the last step. Every time we complete a task, it will be with a bit more skill than the last task. Each step we take will be one step closer to our goals.

As with any growth, there are growing pains. We will stumble and sometimes we will fall. This will give us the opportunity to evaluate our steps and correct them.

So, if you are serious about working on line, there is a whole bunch of useful information on this site. Check out the list of articles written with YOU in mind.  With the information and tools available through this website, Just as I am doing, YOU can also achieve your highest aspirations.

To take the next step, I could try to sell you something. But I won’t. Because I want you to make a truly honest decision based on what YOU want for your life. Read this article, if you are still here and thinking you want to walk that ‘road less traveled’ and reach for your dreams, there will be a link to take you to the next step.  What ever road you choose – May it be filled with health and prosperity!