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    Step out of the Storm!

    If you are anything like me, and in some ways, we are all very much alike, you are nervous and cautious about taking that giant leap into cyberspace. I understand! It can be a very scary place. However, like any fear, conquering it is the best way to succeed. Life is about baby steps all leading up to that end goal – being successful and not having to sell your soul to get there.

    Wealthy Affiliate is one way to get there.

    If you are able to organize your time, apply yourself, see a dream and work towards it with the understanding that you reap what you sow… The tools available to you here will change your life.

    The most important thing I want you to know – right here – right now – is that if you are here for a rip-off program promising to make you rich, don’t waste any more of your time on this page. I honestly wish you well and hope you attain your fame and fortune.

    This site is for those that understand there is work to be done… and are ready to roll up their sleeves and change their stars! (From Knight’s Tale w Keith Ledger)

    I was no internet guru. In fact, I was not very computer literate at all. I can no longer say that. You are looking at one result of the tools available to you. So, join me. Become a member and create your dreams.


    A Spark to Ignite a Fire of Success!

    I am just another person in the world, much like everyone else.  We get up, have coffee, breakfast, shower and head off to work at a job that will most likely make someone very rich while we work paycheck to paycheck. I went to school, got college degrees and discovered that it didn’t really change anything. I still got up, had coffee, breakfast, showered and headed off to work. The only thing that changed was now I made a little more money, spent a little more money, but still ended up living paycheck to paycheck all while making someone else rich.

    I finally figured out that working for someone else will never put me where I want to be.  It will always dictate when I work and how I work. Now I work for me. Using the tools through this site have allowed me to work on my terms. The money I make goes into my accounts – not someone else’s.


    Follow Your Own Dream!

    If you dream of being your own person, like I did, want to create a life spent with family and friends – making memories and living a good life, I want to work with you to achieve those dreams. There is much satisfaction in knowing that you help someone each and every day by lifting them to a place that moves their goals forward and helps them create a better life!  Each and every one of us is a unique, talented and blessed individual. It is time to tap into that which we are truly meant to achieve… Happiness. Through living on your terms, you will have the fulfillment and richness in your life that is rightfully yours.


    Electrify Your Life!

    Join me and all the tools you need to become a savy internet marketer or blogger will be available to you. It is my goal to help you learn and create your internet presence. Whether it be a storefront, a blogging site, or any other type of presence on the internet – you will learn how to make a website, promote your niche and be successful. The key word here is “Successful”!!!

    Take it for a ride – For Free…. They say Nothing is free. You can work in WA for free for as long as you want.  Once you have decided it is an invaluable tool and you want to get truly serious about your success, you can become a full member. Just because you will pay a monthly membership fee, does not mean it has to cost an arm and a leg or your first born. You have options! You can pay monthly, or you can pay annually.

    It costs less than dinner out for a monthly membership. And if you go the annual payment, it is an even greater saving. Either way, you won’t find a better deal on the web anywhere. I am certain about that.  I played around for about a week before I signed up as a full member and then about two months before I went annual.  What a crazy savings and the tools are insane.  What you get is nothing less than amazing. What you get for free is nothing less than amazing!

    One Step at a Time

    What It’s All About

    It’s all about learning what to do and how to do it – and what not to do. Read the review on Wealthy Affiliate.  It takes you on a walk through of the tools available and a little bit about the owners -Kyle and Carson…  Look around. Check it out. You decide if it is worthy of a test drive. I am sure you will see the worthiness in all Wealthy Affiliate offers. Then sign up and create your prosperity with some of the best marketers on the internet and of course – me and many others like me.

    All the best,


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      I hold a Bachelors degree in Art with a concentration in Sculpture. I also hold a Masters degree in Higher Education. While this is suppose to mean something, it actually has not made my life better. So, I say, find your niche, Follow your niche, Be your niche. I am finding it would have been a much more productive choice to have started with Wealthy Affiliate instead of all that college. HMMM.

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